How do I get into rehab?

Palmerston Farm is a Therapeutic Community offering a residential rehabilitation program designed for people over 18 years old wishing to address their substance issues. The core program is 14 weeks, with residents having the opportunity to remain in the Therapeutic Community for up to a year. The 10 acre semi-rural property is located 30 minutes south of Perth and offers 29 residential places and further transitional housing for three graduates of the program.

Step 1 - Attend an Information Session at Palmerston Perth.

Step 2 - Assessment appointment - medical forms signed by a GP; urine tests

Step 3 - Assessment by Farm clinical team

Step 4 - Farm Day Visit - provide clean urine sample

Step 5 - Final assessment and confirmation

Step 6 - Waitlist for a place

Contact Palmerston Perth for specific details of each step.

Contact Details
Contact Palmerston Farm through Palmerston Perth


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True Stories

"You have returned my son to us and there is no greater accolade I can give to you other than to say that I will remember what you have done till I die. Words cannot possibly cover the emotion I feel at knowing that ………… now has a future, largely due to the time spent at Palmerston Farm."

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