Court Diversion

All Drug Diversion

All Drug Diversion directs offenders detected with small quantities of illicit drugs into three treatment sessions. An offender can only be issued an all Drug Diversion if they are over 18, have no history of previous violent or drug dealing convictions, if they admit to the offence, and if the issuing officer has no doubt that the drugs are for personal use. Only one All Drug Diversion is allowed per individual. If the treatment sessions are not completed within 30 days, a summons is issued for the original drug offence.

Young Person’s Opportunity Program (YPOP)

YPOP is an early intervention diversion program targeting young people aged 10 to 18 who have been identified by their Juvenile Justice Team (JJT) coordinator as having either an emerging or significant drug issue. In Perth, young people in the court conferencing process can participate in YPOP. The offences do not have to involve drugs.

Pre-sentence Opportunity Program (POP)

POP aims to direct offenders with no or minimal criminal record but with a drug use problem into treatment. Participants in the program would normally expect to receive a fine or community based order on a plea of guilty.

Indigenous Diversion Program (IDP)

The Indigenous Diversion Program (IDP) directs indigenous persons who have committed relatively minor offences and have an alcohol and/or other drug problem. While similar to POP, IDP varies in that it provides a culturally secure regional service.

Supervised Treatment Intervention Regime (STIR)

The Supervised Treatment Intervention Regime (STIR) directs moderate level offenders with a greater drug use problem into treatment. Unlike POP, the STIR program provides ongoing case management of offenders and requires a strong partnership between drug treatment services, Criminal Justice Services (CJS) and the judiciary.


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