Family Program

For families affected by alcohol and other drug problems

Why a Family Program?

Drug and alcohol use problems affect the whole family. Experience has shown us that everyone in a family is touched in some way when drug or alcohol related problems arise. A family program supports the whole family and helps family members to support each other during such times. Our family program gives an opportunity for all interested family members to participate in this process.

What Is Involved?

Sometimes this may involve family counselling with two or more family members present. At other times it may involve one on one counselling or taking part in a group with other people experiencing similar problems. Participants in group work are invited to share their experiences with the group at whatever level they feel comfortable. Confidentiality is an important element of group work. Participants agree to maintain confidentiality at the beginning of each program.

Who Can Come?

Our family program is open to any family member who wants to participate. Our current clients include grandparents, parents, step families, uncles, aunts, cousins, close family friends and carers.

Family Services Offered:

Family Counselling

Family counselling will help the family to share their experiences in a supportive environment and find ways to move on together.

Collective Wisdom Parent Groups

Parent groups help parents to draw on their own wisdom and the wisdom of other parents to introduce positive changes in the family. With the help of skilled facilitators, strategies and skills are shared by people in the group.

Youth Counselling

Specialist counselling helps young family members to work with the issues arising from their own or someone else’s drug taking.

Family Education Sessions

Education sessions help families to understand the issues related to drug and alcohol use.

What Can I Expect?

Counselling is held in private comfortable rooms with only the counsellor and family members present. Groups are facilitated by one or two skilled counsellors.


True Stories

"You guys really stood by me when the chips were down. I've felt totally supported through my journey.... I'll always think back to my time here with fondness. Thanks guys."

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