Needle and Syringe Program - Mandurah

Palmerston’s Mandurah branch provides equipment for safer injecting and prevention of Blood bourne virus and sexually transmitted diseases. This equipment is provided on a one on one exchange basis or can be purchased at a minimal cost.

The NSEP is located at 22 Tuckey Street, Mandurah and is open Mon to Fri from 9.00am – 3.00pm – closing between 12noon and 1pm daily. 

This contact with clients provides opportunities to talk about ways to minimise any potential health issues associated with their drug use.

Equipment we currently provide free of charge:

Medi Swabs

• Condoms

• Lubricant

• Buckets

• Tubes

Equipment we currently provide free of charge on exchange or for a small payment:

• Barrels – 3ml – 50ml, lock and slip

• Syringes 27g – 18g

• 1ml 29g needle

Due to funding restrictions, clients provide a small payment for the following:

• Water – 5ml

• Infusions 23g – 25g

• Wheel Filters

• Hirudoid Cream

• Disposable Tourniquets

WASUA provide a free confidential health clinic once a month at 22 Tuckey Street, Mandurah. No appointment or Medicare card is necessary.

Services provided by the health clinic include :

• General health check ups

• BBV/STI testing

• Hep A & B vaccinations

• Gardasil vaccinations

• Vein care, referrals and education

Contact Details

Palmerston Mandurah

22 Tuckey Street

Mandurah  WA  6210

Ph:   (08) 9581 4010

Fax: (08) 9582 7062



True Stories

"It has been a turning point in my life coming here as I was heading toward death from my addiction and the resultant despair. I highly recommend this service to anyone contemplating regaining choice in their behaviour."

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