Walk Tall Program

The Walk Tall program looks to support individuals to overcome dysfunctional issues, such as AOD abuse, violence, hopelessness, through education and support. The program looks at everyday issues and explores the strategies and tools needed for dealing with these issues in positive, healthy and mature ways.

The Walk Tall program is not looking at a bringing together of the past to the present, but instead is looking at supporting individuals in today’s society so they will have a better tomorrow.

The primary issues that the Walk Tall program will focus upon include those supporting the reduction of harms associated with licit and illicit substances. The use of alcohol and other substances continues to be a substantial issue amongst the local indigenous population. The program will improve ability of clients to access health services. The Walk Tall program will also provide a safe environment for men to talk, to learn about themselves and enhance change.

Palmerston – Katanning has endeavoured to support individuals of the Aboriginal community by offering AOD support, health support through its Community Nurse, guidance and referral to primary health and other support services and Family support through its YAP program. Results have been encouraging and it is my opinion that results could be improved if we were able to expand our services by providing more intensive personal development and skill development support.

Individuals need to be able to develop the belief in themselves and their place in society, if they are to have the ability to look beyond their current situations and break the trans-generational cycles of negative thoughts and behaviours.

The Walk Tall program has observed that while Aboriginal women seem to have more desire to go forward than many of their male counterparts, both seem to get stuck because of their internal beliefs and lack of skills and ultimately do not proceed to healthier thinking, healthier lifestyles and breaking of trans-generational cycles.


True Stories

"I can say so many good things about Palmerston Farm. One thing I will say is that being here has changed my life. I came to this place as a boy with an addiction and came out a man with a career path."

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