'My arrival at Palmerston Farm'

"My arrival at Palmerston Farm was due to my dependency on alcohol. I sought help by contacting Palmerston Centre and the person asked me to attend an information presentation. I did so and also attended weekly counselling there until I went into Next Step for a week then moved to the Palmerston Farm Rehabilitation facility. I've been here for 5-6 months now and made great progress in all areas of my life. Previous to seeking help I was very sick from the alcohol and stress which made the simplest tasks very difficult to carry out, work had almost came to a halt due to my poor health. The programme is varied and interesting which has stretched my capabilities at times yet there is ample support to succeed. The model is therapeutic which entails bringin gissues to group for resolution or merely to express feelings around the issue. There is also benefit from seeing other residents process their experiences in a supportive environment. The welfare support person (Elaine) has helped me with Homeswest, debts, taxation, TAFE, application for loan, health issues and general information which has been of great benefit to my peace of mind. I have grown less reactive, more reflective ove rthe 6 months and have a much greater sense of self-worth now. It has been a turning point in my life coming here as I was heading toward death from my addiction and the resultant despair. I highly recommend this service to anyone contemplating regaining choice in their behaviour."

True Stories

"I can say so many good things about Palmerston Farm. One thing I will say is that being here has changed my life. I came to this place as a boy with an addiction and came out a man with a career path."

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